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Promotional action of the album “Wild Dances” says that this is a revolution for the Ukrainian pop-music. I must admit that this is really so. This is a new and even somewhat revolutionary quality. Ruslana has always differed from the rest of the Ukrainian pop-singers by her special attitude to native musical traditions and traditions themselves. If her first steps in this direction were well-known Christmas concerts and actions aimed at renewal of castles and fortresses of the Western Ukraine, now in her creative work musical roots of the Carpathian mountains quite naturally are brought to the forefront. Combined with modern quality of a sound and a voice, as well as the manner of performance, which, I hope, touch everybody, this music just turns into a squall of an impassioned energy, impetuous and inspired, merry and light. If you need any associations, then in this moment it somehow reminds the music of Horan Bregovych which is performed in the films shot by Emir Kusturitse.

1. Oj, zahraj my, muzychen'ku (Play me, musician)
2. Znaju ja (I know)
3.   Plyes
4. Arcan
5. Skazhy meni (Tell me)
6.   Kolomiyka
7. Pivnichna (Northern song)
8.   Ce - ljubov (It is love)
9.   Ja tebe ljublju (I love you)
10.   Oj, zahraj my, muzychen'ku (remix by CJ Necrasov) (Play me, musician)
11.   Skazhy meni (remix by CJ Necrasov) (Tell me)
12.   Arcan New (remix by CJ Necrasov)
13.   Kolomiyka (remix by CJ Necrasov)
14.   Skazhy meni (remix by CJ Necrasov) (Tell me)
15.   Arcan Euro (remix by CJ Necrasov)
    Bonus tracks
16.   Oj, zahraj my, muzychen'ku ("Wild dance" edition) (Play me, musician)
17.   Dyki tanci (instrumental version of Euro Song Contest) (Wild dances)


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